John Krieger, M.Ed., Special Needs Advocacy and Educational Consulting

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John Krieger, M.Ed., Educational Consultant

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Each child is entitled to a "Free and Appropriate Education." Unfortunately many of our special needs children and adults are warehoused, provided with one size fits all IEPs, and are denied the education, access and services the law requires.

Mr. Krieger uses his experience as a special needs parent and professional educator to support and empower parents of special needs children. Mr. Krieger works diligently to create a collaborative team approach that focuses first and foremost on the child's needs.

Special Needs


Mr. Krieger was a grade 7-12 English department chairperson, and is a parent of a son with special needs. His unique perspectives and experiences from both sides of the educational desk make him a valuable ally as an educational consultant for special needs children and their parents.

Mr. Krieger helps parents navigate through the difficulties of creating and revising individual education programs that differentiate from their child's unique needs. This takes collaboration, observations, preparation, research, and perseverance.

Mr. Krieger understands both the parents' challenges and the schools' perspectives, enabling him to effectively use this knowledge for his clients.

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